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Chair's Message

Kim SmithThe Indiana State University Foundation is centered on the mission of “inspiring others to become involved in the life of Indiana State University.” The Foundation Board of Directors is a group of individuals who have a passion for the University and for partnering with our University to create opportunities to enrich the lives of our students and help to build their bright futures. Our Board is a diverse group of individuals. Many of us attended Indiana State University and want to give back to the University we love. Others reside in the Terre Haute, Wabash Valley or Indiana areas and see what the University does on a first hand basis to not only educate our youth but instill in them the importance of service. Others have different connections with our University and want to be part of making it the best place it can possibly be. The Foundation is fortunate to have a dedicated staff of employees who work tirelessly every day to help carry out our mission. These individuals truly “bleed BLUE” and are the ones that “make it happen.”

The Foundation has been pursuing this mission since 1925. In this time, we have relentlessly set strategic direction and have course corrected as needed. But at all times, we are looking toward the future and working to secure the necessary funds to build that future. March On! The Campaign for Indiana State University was the first ever comprehensive campaign for our university. That campaign raised over $85 million, which can be seen in new buildings, scholarships, endowed chairs and other meaningful and tangible forms.

There is no better time than now to look toward the future as we approach our University’s sesquicentennial in 2015. We have just completed a strategic plan which will align our Board and staff to the goals at hand and assure that we are working in tandem with the University’s direction. We have learned lessons from our previous campaign and, as we prepare for the sesquicentennial celebration, another important campaign will be launched and we will be ready to hit the ground running.

We are excited to be entering a new phase of our existence. We are all about BLUE and everything that it stands for. We are inspired and we hope that you too will be inspired to join us as we seek every opportunity to help to make our University successful for the next 150 years!

Warm Regards,

Kim Smith, '77
ISU Foundation Board of Directors